PCE New Topics List for Advanced class
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Its Future AIの将来性
FYI: Artificial Intelligence: A Rival for Humans, or a Partner?
・Have you seen AI being utilized in your company or elsewhere?
・In general, how do you think AI will benefit our lives?
・What sort of jobs will be influenced due to the emergence of AI?
・What are the dangers of AI?
・Do you think AI will ever replace humans in the workplace? Why or why not?

Global Warming 地球温暖化
・What major climate changes have you experienced in Japan over the years?
・What causes global warming?
・What actions do we need to take to slow down global warming incidents?

Work from Home and Its Trends in the Future 在宅勤務と将来のトレンド
FYI: Remote possibilities: Can every home in Japan become an office?
・Do you work from home or commute to work?
・What are the advantages and disadvantages of working from home? Which working style do you prefer?
・Do you think that work from home remains as a norm in the majority of Japanese companies post Covid-19? Why or why not?

Future Trends for Childrearing 日本の子育ての将来トレンド
FYI: Child Rearing in Japan
・Are there many men who take paternity leave in Japan? Why or why not?
・What things do husbands usually do to help raise the children?
・Will there be any changes in childrearing between wives and husbands?
   - If so, how? What factors are causing these changes?

Changes in Employment Styles in Japan 日本の雇用形態の変化
FYI: Addressing the Problems with Japan’s Peculiar Employment System
・How do you describe your company employment system (job based or membership based?)
・What will be the future trend in Japan?
・Job based employment measures your performance based on delivery of results you make. Do you think this performance measurement will be accepted by employees? Why or why not?

* Membership based: メンバーシップ型雇用とは、「年功序列」「終身雇用」を前提とした多くの日本企業で採用されている雇用の形です。最大の特徴は、先に人を採用してから仕事を割り振るという点にあります。
Job based: ジョブ型雇用とは、仕事に対して人が割り当てられるという雇用の形で、欧米の多くの企業が採用している形です。

Promoting Female Managements   女性管理職の登用
FYI: Women in management at Japan firms still a rarity: Reuters poll
・How many female managers are in your company?
・Is it difficult for women to get promoted? If so, why?
・What are your thoughts around promoting more female managers?

Work Style Reform  働き方改革
FYI: Five things to know about Japan's work reform law
・Has your company been implementing any work style reform?
・Are all the measures for work style reform making any benefits to employees as well as employers?
・Do work reforms like the reduction of overtime work(残業時間の減少), staggered working hours(時差出勤) and teleworking already exist in your company?
・If so, how effective have these reforms been? If not, how effective do you think implementing these reforms will be?

English as Common Corporate Language 英語の公用語化
FYI: When a Japanese Company Adopted English as a First Language
・Is English becoming important in your company?
・Do you often use English at work? If so, when do you usually use it? (e.g. meetings with foreign clients, writing emails)
・What will be the benefits and disadvantages of English becoming a common corporate language?

New Lifestyle Post Covid 新生活様式(ニューノーマル)
FYI: Post-COVID "New Lifestyle"
・New lifestyle means “while staying away from infectious diseases, work more efficiently and effectively.”
・What are some other characteristics of the “new normal”? (e.g. social distancing)
・What do you do to keep yourself healthy while working at home all day? Please give some examples.
・What other things do you have on your mind regarding your new lifestyle (new normal)?

Future Job Market 将来の就職市場
・Do you think there will be changes in the job market post Covid-19?
・Is it now easier to change jobs compared to the past? Why or why not?
・What are the pros and cons about changing jobs?

Infection Control Measures 感染症対策
FYI: Post-COVID "New Lifestyle"
・What methods do you use to prevent yourself from infectious diseases?
・How long do you think Covid-19 will continue? What do you think is the best way to control Covid-19 infections?
・Do you have any plans to travel overseas? How about domestic trips?
・If so, how would you ensure your safety from infections during the trip?

Low Birth Rate and Aged Population Problem for Japan 少子高齢化問題
FYI: Aging of Japan
・What are the reasons that Japan suffers from a low birth rate?
・Can you describe any benefits and disadvantages of an aging population in Japan?
・What do you think that Japan should do to improve the current situation?

Regional Revitalization 地方創生について
FYI: Regional Revitalization Paves the Way for the Future of Japan
・Do you think we need to revitalize Japan's local economy?
・If so, please state your opinions?
・Why is urbanization in Tokyo not considered a good trend? Why or why not?

Future Trends for Sharing Economy シェアリングエコノミーの将来
FYI: Why are Airbnb and Uber Regulated in Japan?
・Do you think the sharing economy is good service to you? Such as Uber and Airbnb. Why or why not?
・Do you think they will be a sustainable choice for customers? Why or why not?
・What industries do you think may suffer from sharing economy if they become mainstream?

Why are Japanese struggling to improve their English? Ranked 49th globally!

FYI: Rank of Japan: EF English Proficiency Index
・What are the reasons that Japanese English skill is ranked low? (ranked 49th of 88 countries) in 2018.
・Do you do any special effort to increase your English ability?
・Is English becoming more important in terms of your job or business in general?